A woman’s experience of racism in UK college has been shared on Facebook

DUBUQUE, N.H. (AP) It’s a story that could change your life, but it’s not going to happen if you’re an African American college student.

On Wednesday, a Facebook post about a racial slur was shared by a female student at a Dartmouth College class of 2021.

The post was shared thousands of times before being removed from the page.

A female student shared the story on Wednesday night, saying she has been targeted and harassed for being black on campus and that it is a problem in America.

In the post, the female student says she is a freshman at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.

The student said she is from a community in New York City and has been living in Boston since her freshman year.

She says she graduated from Dartmouth College last year.

The Dartmouth College freshman says the racial slur she is hearing is derogatory, but says she feels “under siege” on college campuses.

She shared the post on Facebook to show the other students that it does happen on campus.

The student said her experience has been similar to that of a number of other African American students.

The Black Student Union at Dartmouth recently held a meeting with Dartmouth College officials to discuss racial injustice.

The group was told Dartmouth is working on improving its diversity and inclusion policy.