Why is it so hard to see the truth about God?

The word God, which is derived from the Arabic word كلم, means “peace, blessing, guidance, wisdom” and the Arabic-language dictionary defines it as the “divine energy”.

The Arabic word is often translated as “peace” or “blessing” in English, but it also refers to a certain state of being in which you are connected to a divine being or being of divine origin.

It is a concept that has become a huge buzzword in Western religions.

And so, for centuries, Westerners have believed that the word God is the one who guides us through life, which the Qur’an says is one of the “four pillars of Islam”.

This belief has led to a huge number of superstitions, such as the belief that the Qurʾan is the word of God, and that if you can read it and understand it, then you can interpret it.

And then there are those who believe that God has a special power to guide the human mind, which has led many Muslims to believe that the Quran contains a hidden message.

This is the view of Islam scholar and former British prime minister Tony Blair, who coined the term “god is dead” in 2003 to describe this belief.

 “You are God,” Blair said at the time.

“There is no afterlife.

No God.

There is no such thing as God.

That’s what the Bible teaches.”

In 2015, a study by Oxford University found that in Britain, a majority of people believed the Bible was inspired by God, but only 29% of the population believed it was actually the word and word alone of God.

The study also found that people who believe in God are more likely to believe in the existence of a “supreme being” or God, the Supreme Being.

So, what is the truth?

If you have been studying the Bible for a while, you will know that there is no question that the Bible contains God’s word, but that there are many different kinds of versions of God’s words and messages.

These different kinds include: The literal translation, which states that God created the world in seven days, as described in Genesis 1:1.

The allegorical version, which claims that God was born in a human womb and that God sent his messenger, Jesus Christ, on earth to heal the sick.

A spiritual version, in which God’s actions in history are explained through visions and prophecies.

An allegorical translation, in the sense that it says that God made the universe, that is, the cosmos, out of nothing.

Another type of version, called a koran, says that Jesus Christ came to Earth on the fourth day after his birth.

This version is very common in the Islamic world and is believed to be the true word of Allah, the divine creator and ruler of the universe.

Finally, there is a more “literal” version, the one the Quranic community uses.

The literal version says that on the day that God formed the earth, he created man from dust and that he came to earth with his angels.

These angels are called the “kuffar” and are a type of human being that are supposed to follow him.

However, there are two main types of koran.

One type of koranic is known as the Kitāb al-Aqsa, which translates to “The Book of the Law”, or “The Torah of the Covenant”.

The other type is known by the term Ṣafīl, which literally means “word”, which means that it is the “spiritual” or the “word” of God as opposed to a literal translation of the Bible.

This is because in the Qurṭān, the koran is considered to be written by God in the form of a story.

It does not say exactly what God is saying in the korans, but he is saying to us that this is what God wants us to know.

It is believed that this revelation of the truth is the key to salvation.

If we believe in it, God will help us to see our lives and to know the truth.

But if we do not believe in this, then we will end up living in a state of ignorance, and God will never help us understand the truth of the world.

This lack of faith and ignorance can lead to people believing that God is not real.

This has led the Islamic State, an Islamist group, to claim that it has a divine message, which they call “jihad”, or war.

It says that it wants to liberate Muslims from the oppression of non-Muslims, and this is why it has been able to carry out its violent campaign against other Muslims.

What do people believe about the meaning of the word “God”?

According to the Quran, the word Allah is an absolute word that has no beginning or end.

In other words, it is