Alibi: God’s Alibi Doesn’t Work

A man’s alibi has never been so persuasive as in the case of John McAfee, a self-proclaimed “ex-FBI agent” who has been accused of killing a man in the United States.

McAfee has been described as “a lone wolf” and a “man who is on a mission to destroy the FBI” by the former agents who worked for him in law enforcement.

But it’s his ability to produce his alibi that has turned the tables in the eyes of McAfee supporters, who have seized on his claim that he was acting alone when he shot and killed Ryan Higgs.

A recent Gallup poll shows that 60 percent of Americans believe McAfee’s story.

McSays that he acted alone and has offered up a series of details to back up his story.

Among those are that he got the gun he claimed he used at the murder scene from an antique dealer in rural Pennsylvania and drove it from his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to the crime scene in Austin, Texas.

The gun was found by police in the backyard of a house on a rural street, according to McAfee.

But when police searched his home, they found nothing.

“The guns were in the garage, but they were out of date, so I just put them in the car and drove to Austin,” McAfee said during an interview with the Austin American-Statesman.

“There was no one there.

No one was there with the guns.”

But a manhunt was launched after a neighbor, whom McAfee believed was involved in the murder, said he saw McAfee in a car with the gun, according the newspaper.

McBesaid that the neighbor told police he and his girlfriend had just been at a bar when McAfee came to the door and asked if he could get the gun.

The neighbor told him it was for his girlfriend, who was at a nearby home and McAfee did not remember if he had been at the bar.

The friend then called the police, who went to the scene.

But McAfee denied that he fired a shot at the neighbor.

He said the gun was lying in the driveway.

But Austin Police Department spokeswoman Kaitlyn Harris said the neighbor’s story was inconsistent with the evidence, including a report from the police that he said he was driving a stolen vehicle.

“We have seen the neighbor and his testimony and we have been unable to confirm his story,” Harris said.

The Austin Police were looking into the neighbor, McAfee told ABC News.

He told ABC he had a problem with the neighbor because of his “history of mental illness.”

A judge ruled that McAfee could not be held accountable for the killing.

McPherson is set to appear in court in Austin this week.

ABC News’ Lauren Cohan contributed to this report.