What does Zelda do to keep her friends happy?

A fairy tale is a fairy tale, according to Zelda.

The iconic role-playing game series, Zelda, is known for its characters and storytelling.

Zelda is the main character of the Zelda series, and she is a female fairy, who lives in Hyrule Castle.

In a video game, she acts as a guardian of the Princess Zelda.

It’s a role that she is great at.

When she’s not with the Princess, Zelda is a part of the kingdom’s fairy tale life, which is why she is often depicted as a very beautiful, kind, and generous woman.

She has the power to grant wishes, protect the innocent and even transform her enemies into their original forms.

“I think a lot of people would love to have a fairy as their friend, as they feel like she’s always around them,” Zelda said in an interview with ABC.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has a cast of characters who can be friends, enemies, or both.

It’s a game that can be played in one sitting, with up to four players able to play in co-op.

While Zelda is not the main protagonist in Breath of a Wild, her friendship and kindness is integral to the game’s story.

I think that having a friend is more important than just having a good friend.

She helps you find the treasure you need, she gives you advice, she’s there to help you, but it’s also there to keep you safe, to protect you from harm, to help give you strength, to show you that you’re not alone, that you can go on.

I think that’s the best part about being a fairy.

“Zelda has said that she doesn’t mind being called a fairy, because it is an acknowledgement of the fact that there is something inherently magical about her.

Breath of the Gods is a video-game that is being released on the Nintendo Switch on November 18.

Zelda will also be making her way to the Nintendo 3DS, but there are no plans to release Zelda’s game as a single-player experience.

Zeldas role as the Princess of Hyrule was revealed in a teaser trailer for Breath of Breath of Wild, which was released to the public in early November.