‘Dive’ in Diversionism: ‘The Divergent Series: Insurrection’

The Divergent series will be a part of the summer movie slate.

But the movie that inspired it, Divergent: Insurgency, is not yet available on Blu-ray or DVD.

The show’s director, Josh Friedman, spoke to EW about how it came together and why it’s important for kids to watch.

EW: There was a movie called Divergent that you directed called Insurgence, which was really about this very futuristic world, but it was also about this really good, old-fashioned family that is really, really screwed up.

How did you come up with the idea for the movie?

Josh Friedman: There are a lot of great stories that are told with that name, but for me, it’s a really great name.

I’m really into the idea of family.

I love the idea that we’re all connected, and I think that we all have this connection that we need to keep.

So that was really the first story that I was looking at.

And then I started thinking about what could be the best way for us to be connected.

And what could that be?

And the answer was, and this is really my favorite story, I think, is the movie, and the book, Insurgent.

It’s about this family of scientists that have come together to figure out how to stop a virus from killing people.

And they do it by literally putting people in jars, and putting them in a tank with no oxygen, and just feeding them these bacteria that have the ability to kill people, and then feeding them a lot more.

And the scientists have to get into the heads of the people who are the infected.

The people that are the people that the virus kills.

And that’s a pretty complicated story, but the idea was, is there a way for the world to be more connected?

What could be a good story for kids?

What’s the appeal of the Divergent name?

Josh: The Divergenes are a real family.

And this movie is about this real family, and it’s about a group of scientists who have come to the world of science to figure it out.

The idea was to show a lot about that family.

We wanted the kids to really understand that this is not a normal family.

They are not ordinary.

This is not just another family.

This family is very, very, unusual.

And so we wanted them to feel connected to this family.

So for me as a director, I felt that I needed to do this really complex story.

But I also felt like the idea itself, the idea about this great family and the idea they are all connected was really interesting to me.

It was also a story that felt like a good way to bring together a lot that kids love about their childhood.

And we wanted to have a great time doing it, so that’s how we came up with this.

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