How a Muslim man was left paralyzed after suffering an epileptic seizure while on the run

An unidentified Muslim man who fled the Islamic State’s self-styled capital of Raqqa was left with a crippling head injury in an attempt to survive, an ISIS-linked news outlet has reported.

The unnamed man from the Syrian city of Raqqa is said to have sustained a severe head injury when he escaped the city from the hands of the Islamic group on January 28, 2018, according to the news outlet Al-Manar.

The man was on a journey from Raqqa to the border city of Latakia, where he would meet a woman he would later marry, but the pair did not have a child together, the report added.

The news outlet said the man was a follower of the religion of Islam, but did not elaborate on the circumstances surrounding the escape.

The Islamic State is a group that considers itself a caliphate.

The woman, whose identity remains unknown, was also left severely traumatized, the outlet said.

The report did not provide further details.

The ISIS-affiliated news outlet previously reported that the man had been released by a Syrian government-affiliated group after several weeks of captivity.