What’s up with the holy llamas in NHL?

NHL.com Staff – The National Hockey League announced Sunday that it has named the llamas of the National Hockey Association Divine Mother, the “Divine Mother” of the NHL.

The holy llama was born in North Carolina on July 15, 1973, and was named in honor of the late North Carolina Governor John Holcomb, who was the founder of the United States of North Carolina. 

The league said the llama is named for a native Carolina Native American goddess, “the sacred and powerful deity of the Cherokee Nation,” and is one of the league’s most powerful mascots.

The team will wear the llamas during the regular season.

“The name of our sacred and legendary llama reflects the love that our players and fans have for these sacred creatures, and we are proud to share our love of this holy animal with our fans, the entire NHL family and the community of Charlotte,” NHL President and Chief Executive Officer Gary Bettman said in a statement.

“This is the most meaningful and meaningful tribute to the incredible work that the Charlotte Hornets have done to create a lasting legacy for the community.

As we begin to celebrate the birth of our most beloved mascot, we will also celebrate the incredible impact he has had on our community, the sport and our sport’s fans,” Bettman continued. 

Charlotte’s Hornets play the Carolina Hurricanes in the NHL’s annual All-Star Game on Sunday, Jan. 25, 2019.

The Charlotte Hornets were founded in 1992 and were named in recognition of Charlotte’s iconic Hornets logo, which was adopted in 1990.