How to get to heaven: A guide to heaven from the Bible

1:30 “You see, I’m the king of the heavens, and you’re my slave,” God says in Psalm 146:2, in the first verse of the Book of Revelation.

“I’ve set before you the heavens and the earth.

They’re not for your own use, but for your glory.

You’ll never be able to reach heaven unless you’re willing to give me everything I have, to make me a god.” 

“It’s really important that you do this.

This is your life.

You have a right to go.”

In the second verse, God asks God to “show me your glory, that you’re God.”

God says to take a picture of himself and upload it to Facebook.

He says, “It will be a thousand times better than a picture taken with a smartphone.”

God tells Moses to make a map of the earth, and then he says, “…and if anyone comes to you, and looks down on you, let him know that you have the glory of God.”

God also says, in Exodus 6:6, “And God said to Moses, ‘Take all your flocks and go to the waters and take all your animals.

Do this for forty years.

If they’re not obedient to you then take all of them out and put them in the wilderness.

Then they will serve me as a heritage of all the people of the land for ever.'”

The last verse is an incredible prophecy that says God wants to put his servants in the midst of the wilderness and that he will make them serve him.

And then he gives them the land, and they will make it into a place that will be holy to God.

This, of course, is the whole point of heaven.

God says, and if anyone else comes to him and does not comply, God will “destroy him.”

“For the sake of your soul, God, destroy them.

I’ll make them like dogs of burden.”

He says that God is going to send the “thorns and thistles” (referring to the angels) to attack Israel.

Then God says, I’ve given you the land of Egypt and I’ve brought you into this land of Israel.

“You’re not going to get a chance to return, but you can take it.”

He is going back to earth and saying, “I’m going to destroy you.”

So he has a new law for people to follow.

And he’s saying, if you don’t follow this new law, I am going to take the rest of you out of the ark and put you in the desert.

God says that this will be his “exile,” and he says it’s the “most important thing I can do for you.”

And then God gives Moses the keys to the arks.

“Now go to all the tribes of Israel, and bring your families with you.

There will be plenty of food for you and water for your livestock.

But if you’re not willing to do this, I will destroy you and put all the families of the Amorites in the land.”

The next verse is very specific about this whole thing.

It says, The Lord will deliver you out into the wilderness to be like sheep on a shearing line.

The ark will be the place where you will have a chance for the salvation of your souls.

But the Ammonites are a “savage people” and the “sons of the desert.”

The word “shearing line” is actually an Egyptian word meaning, “sheep-shearing.”

And so they are the ones who are going to be sent out into this wilderness to get slaughtered and thrown into the ocean to be eaten by sharks and sharks.

God gives Pharaoh authority to take people out and slaughter them, and Pharaoh tells God, “Go ahead, kill all of the people, for it’s your inheritance.”

And God says this is going be his legacy, for the rest will follow him.

God gives Moses authority to go to a “shepherd,” to bring the dead bodies of the dead to him, and he brings all of these dead bodies and puts them in a “dead man’s tomb.”

He gives Pharaoh the keys of the “gods seat,” and then God says you’ll be a “goddess of the underworld.”

God wants you to be a god of the whole earth.

So God gives him the keys and tells Moses, “You must go to Egypt, and I’ll give you all the power you need.

You’re going to rule over everything.”

So God tells the Pharaoh to put together a royal family, to give the land to Pharaoh, to establish his rule.

And so God tells Pharaoh to make an image of himself, and give it to God, and God says the image will be made of a “man.”

He goes to a quarry, puts the image on a stick, and says, Put this image in the sand.

He puts it in the quarry.